Certified products and quality tests for the highest reliability of the products.

In order to grant to our customers the best quality, each product is subject to a series of tests and certifications before being put on sale. Our products are CE certified and comply with the requirements of the European Directive for medical devices tested for leakages caused by micro-cracking thanks to a sophisticated “vacuum test”. Each piece is shipped to our customers complete with a quality test certificate and identified by a serial number that allows its traceability. The acrylic bathtubs and shower trays are made of an ecological and recyclable material and reinforced with Greensir, a high-density polyurethane resin, free from toxic additives, which, due to its mechanical resistance, lends particular duration to the thermoformed products. Our thermostatic products are individually tested on a test bench for taps and mixers that performs calibration and safety testing to verify that the cartridges are responding to the “anti-scald” feature, according to the main international standards. The test bench is also a fundamental tool for R&D offices for all types of thermostatic valves. We perform tests to ensure that the packaging and storage comply with the requirements of products. We make sure that the product is complete, undamaged and properly assembled.
Thermomat can boast 90% of order fulfillment within two days from the receipt of the order, the bathtubs and the products with special characteristics of fragility travel by secure transportation and certified couriers with consolidated experience.
For some time now Thermomat has been committed to protect the environment by providing continuous monitoring of all
activities that have an impact on it. This requires us to maintain the installations efficient, thus allowing lower power, gas and water consumption. Innovation, research and development of new processing technologies and products combine with special attention to environment, health and safety of the workers. Despite an increasingly aggressive market, our company has chosen not to reduce the quality of the product range offered, to become more competitive. Thermomat commits instead to consistently offer high value-added products, superior in quality also in terms of environmental protection. This commitment, together with professionalism, expertise of our staff and continuous investments, sets us among the top companies in our sector. Our customers choose us as long terms partners because we treat them as strategic partners. In fact, we are a constant source of advice and mutual improvement.


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