Disabled accessories for bathroom: three kits for a bathroom following Italian regulations

Carrying out a project of a bathroom for disabled means to understand what are the best possible disabled accessories to install inside.

Safety in the bathroom is a basic element, especially when we talk about shower and spaces dedicated to daily use for disabled people. Thanks to the use of the shower seats we can achieve this goal.

The risk of slipping is the real reason for which it is necessary to choose the right model of shower seat. Think about the difficulty in standing up, even if for a few minutes only, for people with disabilities.  The risk of domestic accidents without the installation of a shower seat in the shower is very probable, and the possibility to slip is very high. With the shower seats for people with disabilities it is possible to assure comfort and stability inside the shower, with a seat strong and hygienic.

There is a wide range of models, from folding seats to anti slip seats, in different colors and materials, in order to guarantee comfort and safety. It is important to find an ergonomic seat in order to allow a good level of autonomy in the bathroom.

Kit Bagno Disabili Thermomat

The first thing to clarify is that there are specifics devices to install in order to design a disabled bathroom safe and functional.
In addition to this, another important factor is that these accessories help people to maintain their autonomy inside the bathroom, a private space in which they can move freely.
If we asked to a disabled person what is the most important thing inside a bathroom, probably the answer is the possibility to maintain always the independence. For this reason, bathroom accessories are a valid support for all those people looking for their independence and safety, thanks to these essential aids for bathroom.
We have already said that the Italian legislation has already taken care to legislate in this sense, by providing a list rules to respect in terms of distances of installation for the accessories for disabled in the bathroom.


Thermomat offers different solutions including 3 types of bathroom kits complete with all bathroom accessories necessary to prepare a bathroom in compliance with the regulations, with quality products.


The bathroom kit of accessories for disabled with wc with floor drain
The bathroom kit includes grab bars and folding bar, a reclinable mirror, the washbasin complete with brackets and tap, and a wc of the Basic series by Thermomat, with floor drain. The wc is complete with toilet seat. All the products are very solid and they follow italian regulations, they are available in white color.

Kit of bathroom accessories for disabled with wc with wall drain
Also in this case the kit includes grab bars and folding bar, a reclinable mirror, a washbasin with brackets and tap included, and a wc with floor drain with wc seat.

Kit of bathroom accessories for disabled with wall hanged wc
And the same thing is also for the third kit of accessories: grab bars and folding bar, a reclinable mirror, the washbasin complete with brackets and tap, and a wc hanged with open front and toilet seat.
These 3 kits are a solution that includes all the elements necessary for the construction of a bathroom, in compliance with the law, safe and functional.


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