Electronic taps: sustainability and covid protection

Electronic taps, the importance of avoiding contact with surfaces

In this particular moment, it is really essential to avoid the contact with every kind of surface. The technology of Thermomat can help us. Thanks to electronic taps, we can avoid to touch the elements around us but at the same time go on with our normal actions.
Some research has shown that the coronavirus can resist up to 9 days on the surfaces, for this reason, the risk of infection is very high.
Thanks to the electronic taps Thermomat, suitable for public spaces but also for private houses, you can avoid this kind of contacts because the water flow is activated thanks to a photocell.

rubinetto elettronico cromato

How does it work?
With the electronic taps you don’t touch anything, not even the knobs of the tap.
The water flow is automatic thanks to the installation of a photocell with infrared system, that recognizes the movement of the hand and it activates the water flow. But that’s not all:
on some models it is possible to modify some parameteres, manually or with a clicker, like for example the distance of activation, or the time of water supply. In this way, it is possible to optimize comfort and water saving.

Does it help me to save money on my water bill?
The electronic taps have the possibility to limit the water flow. Consider that a standard tap can reach up to 12 lt/min, it is an enormous waste of water, for no reason. With Thermomat taps it is possible to limit the water flow up to 6 lt/min. The electronic taps, are also a valuable aid to environmental sustainability, thanks to the possibility to avoid useless waste of water. Unlike traditional taps, that can be often be forgotten “open”, electronic taps for washbasins and urinals stop immediately the water flow after the use. It is estimated that thanks to the introduction of this kind of taps, there is a real saving of water consumption of the 70%. In this way, you save money on your water bill, and you help the planet.

Electronic taps and coronavirus: why are they important?
The contagion of COVID-19 happens also through the contact with infected surfaces, used by positive people and which have not been cleaned and sanitized.
The frequent disinfection of public bathroom like those of bars, schools and offices, requires a specific staff, and extra costs are involved that not every activity has the possibility to face.
Electronic taps have, for these reasons, a very important function, because in this way, hands wash is automatic. What does that mean?
The procedure of water supply is automatically activated thanks to a photocell with infrared system, that recognizes the movement of the hands inside the sink. In this way, we do not touch the knobs, and we guarantee the level of hygiene necessary in order to protect ourselves from the contagion, because unfortunately the risk of indirect contagion is always very high. For this reason, especially in public bathroom, it is necessary to provide solutions that do not require a direct touch with taps, dispensers, urinals and flowmeters.
In an epidemiological framework very complicated all over the world, electronic taps are now installed in many public bathrooms.
They represents the best solution in order to avoid to touch dirt and germs, generally very common in public spaces used by thousands of users. We are talking about high-risk places, attended by potential carriers of different germs, very dangerous especially for kids and elderly people. If, at the beginning, this new type of electronic tap was a prerogative of big spaces like airports and train stations, nowadays is more and more frequent in different commercial properties.

I’m a private user, can I install an electronic tap?
Even if you are a private user, for hygiene and convenience reasons, you can decide to install an electronic tap and make an important technological leap towards a bathroom hi tech.

    Additional advantages

    The taps have lithium batteries, that with modern technology, do not need frequent maintenance and have a long life, up to seven years.
    One of the other benefits of electronic taps, is the possibility to set the temperature of water, in order to avoid the risk of burnings due a too high water temperature. Thanks to the pre-thermostatic mixer Nanomix of Thermomat, it is possible to set the temperature of the water and avoid sudden temperature changes.
    In addition to this, there are also considerable energy benefits, because the possibility to fix the temperature allows the boiler to cut and limit consumption.
    Last but not least:
    Thermomat electronic taps are made of a single piece of brass and are designed to avoid to be damaged.

    But not only this: the infrared sensor mounted on electronic taps Thermomat is studied in order to avoid a continuous water flow even if you forget something in front of the sensor.
    What does that mean?
    Suppose you are victim of an act of vandalism: a person fixes in from of the photocell an object in order to have a continuous flow.
    This is not possible with Thermomat electronic taps, because we studied a particular sensor that precludes the blocking of the electronic taps in position “always open”, and to have a maximum water flow time between 50, 60 or 90 seconds, according to the model chosen for your needs.
    If the infrared sensor is covered for more than the time indicated above, the water flow will be automatically blocked, avoiding in this way unnecessary waste of water.
    The revolution of electronic taps has already started many years ago, but in the last few years this product has become more and more a commonly product, and this is due to the raising awareness of energy saving, for a more conscious use of the resources that the planet offers us. For an innovative and ecological choice, electronic taps appear as the right combination between modernity and care to neighbor, and this is why we would like to suggest them to all our readers.

    For more details about the products check the technical sheets.

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