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What is the reference norm for design and the realization of bathrooms suitable for less able peoples?

In Italy

The norm that at present rules the installation of bathrooms for less able people refers substantially to DM 236/89 as regards private and residential buildings and to DPR 503/93 for public buildings, spaces and services.
For some other details on the present norms you can download from our website (download area) the PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DESIGN or you can take a look at I on line in the section named BROWSE THE CATALOGUES (Saniline catalogue).

What hight shall the support be mounted under the shower?

In italy

The Decreto Ministeriale D.M. 236/98 indicates as a height of the supports 80 cm. from the walking floor. The Decreto Ministeriale has a national value, however the designer has to verify that in the area where the works have to performed there are no further regional/municipal laws /requirements or with different indications, being this the case, the latter would prevail.

Why there isn't wall fittings in the packaging of our products?

Because the supports will be installed on walls very different one from the other (bricks, concrete, plasterboard, etc.). The plumber or the qualified staff will, therefore, choose the type of fittings more suitable to grant to the support the maximum load capacity and consequently the maximum of safety. Some indicative instructions can be downloaded from our website with our PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DESIGN or you can take a look at it on line from the section named BROWSE THE CATALOGUES (Saniline catalogue)

Where i can find Thermomat's products?

Thermomat sales net is widespread all over the national and European territory: to know the nearest reseller or the agent closer to you, please contact the company by this e-mail address: info@thermomat.com or call directly the headquarters (contact details can be found in the section named CONTACT of our website).


What are sanitaryware with bidet function?

The WC with bidet function are the same sanitaryware for disable people, that have a connection installed supplying a jet of water within the bowl. The water flow must be regulated by a mixer (preferably a thermostatic one) that must be purchased separately and that feeds a connection (supplied with the toilet) through a flexible.

How should a toilete for disable people to be installed to be a norm compliant?

A toilet for the disabled must be installed according to the laws currently in force (DPR 503/96), it must be installed at a height from floor between 45 and 50 cm. Also, the front of the bowl must be within 75 to 80 cm. This distance is observed in the bowls named “monobloc” or with the building of a wall in the back of the bowl to recover the distance missing to comply with the existing law.

What is the height for the taps bottom for the flushing wc bidet function be installed?

The law (DPR 503/96) does not set a fixed height of installation. It is commonly set so as to be comfortable for use and not an obstacle to the user.

What is the height for the installation of wash basin

The upper surface of the washbasin should be placed at 80 cm. from the floor. For the discharge, we recommend to use a flexible siphon; the position of feeding and discharges is a standard one.

Can Thermomat washbasin be installed directly on the wall or need wall brackets?

Among Thermomat washbasins art. 406 and art. 426 can be attached directly to the wall, while art.400 and 400-EA need brackets (fixed, manual or pneumatic).


What are the differences among the series?

The types of wall supports in the catalogue are very different one from the other both for material, functionality and design:
 painted series: zinc coated and painted steel pipe. It is the most traditional series, the one you can find in whatever environment (public and private) where there is a special bathroom. It grants stability, it is easily cleaned and it lasts long.

 soft series: zinc coated and painted steel pipe subsequently subject to Thermosoft treatment (Thermomat patent). The evolution of the traditional support, with a 120% higher certified grip compared to the painted series. To the touch the support results smooth, warm and soft

 nylon series: the internal part is in aluminium and it is covered in nylon. Completely PVC free. This material is auto-extinguishing (according to UL94-HBe V2).



inox series: supports realized in AISI 304 polished stainless steel pipe (32 mm. diam.). Plate and ring in

AISI 304 stainless steel

What is the maxium load capacity?

In general, the maximum load for Thermomat support or device with a CE marking is 150 kg. for painted steel series and stainless steel series; while the load is 120 kg for the supports of the nylon series. This rule applies to all devices, grabbars, grab rails and shower seats. This assumption must be followed by the wall fixing system of the device, which must be chosen and designed so that the maximum load is tolerable. Inside the box of every product there is a leaflet form which you can get information on how to use the correct wall fixings. In addition, the technical sheets of individual products state the declared load.

Can modular handrail replace or be an alternative to painted series?

No, they cannot because modular handrails can only be used as a handrail and cannot be used as a support for disabled people. In addition, they have no certifications and have no declared load to which they are tested to resist.

Can i have made to measure handrails?

Coded items cannot be modified but, after a pre-verification of the feasibility by the Technical Office, made-to-measure supports can be realized in the steel painted series, soft series and nylon series, using the codes of the MADE TO MEASURE supports (CSM-I, CSMAG-I, CSM-SF, CSMD-NY, CSMC-NY, CSMAG-NY). Different articles cannot be “composed”using single pieces of the nylon series.
For more details on the codes you can take a look at the Saniline catalogue (section HANDBARS AND HANDRAILS)one.

Is possible to equip the folding supporting bar with a roll holder just after the purchase?

It is possible to equip the folding supporting bar with a roll holder just after the purchase with an additional stainless steel accessory which is fixed inside the bar


What is the correct height to install shower seat?

The shower seats must be installed with the seat height from the ground between 45 and 50 cm. In the case of the hanging seat (named SDA), when the support is installed at 80 cm., as according to the law, the seat will find itself at a height between 45 and 50 cm.

In case of demage of parts of shower seat ....

There is no need to replace the entire seat, just remove the damaged or worn element and replace it with a new element in plastic material (article on request)


What is water premixed tap?

It is a faucet that supplies water at a constant temperature, where the pre-mixing is done with a small thermostatic mixing valve or a mechanical valve before entering the tap itself. In these devices, the user can not change the water temperature for safety or comfort reasons.

In case of demage of parts of shower seat ....

There is no need to replace the entire seat, just remove the damaged or worn element and replace it with a new element in plastic material (article on request)

Can i set a thermostatic cartridge or thermostatic mixing valve?

Yes, a thermostatic cartridge and a thermostatic mixing valve can be reset. It is necessary to check temperatures, pressures and flow inlets and outlet temperature. You rotate the handle until you have on the outlet the set temperature, at this point, unscrew the screw on the knob, remove it and assemble it the same knob again by matching the appropriate number of scale with the index on the collar. The inlet pressure should be 3 bars, temperatures of 15 ° C (cold) and 65 ° C (hot). For the thermostatic cartridges you bring the water temperature at 38 ° C and fix the knob with the number 38 matching the index. For thermostatic mixers it is necessary to verify the technical data and the specifications of the product itself.

Thermostatic knob is hard to turn.

Hard water can create scale be and deposits that tend to block the cartridge. In this case it can be removed from the tap (closing water first) and cleaned in a bath of vinegar or vinegar and water for several hours, shaking it from time to time to dissolve calcium deposits, or it can be replaced with a new one.

What should be checked before replacing the components of thermostatic mixing valve?

For the correct operation of a thermostatic mixing valve it is necessary that the temperatures, flow rates and inlet pressures are adequate (cold water at 15 ° C, hot water at 65 ° C, 3 bar pressure, flow rates depending on the product). Verify that the check valves on the inlets are free and fully functional. If not, replace them. Check that the filters are clean. In industrial thermostatic mixing valves components can not be replaced. In mixer with thermostatic cartridge the cartridge can be removed and cleaned in a bath of vinegar or vinegar and water for several hours shaking it from time to time to dissolve calcium deposits. If the knob is hard to rotate the problem is probably hard limestone scale. If setting the handle to 38 ° C, you obtain a given quantity of water, and turning the knob to hot both the temperature and the extent of increase are small, maybe the inlet of the hot water is choked; it has a similar effect in case of choked cold water inlet. If the outlet temperature is different from the one set despite having the correct inputs or if the knob was unscrewed, the cartridge shall be recalibrated.

Where i use the diverter valves mix solar and solar kit?

The diverter valves and the solar kits are used in all applications where you want to divert the flow of the fluid as a function of instantaneous temperature owned. They are particularly useful in solar thermal plants as resistant to high temperatures. In specification sheets and instructions there are diagrams and technical data for proper use.

How can you re-set factory values of an electronic faucet by a remote control?

Just pushing the RESET button. Or, without the use of a remote control, with a short-circuit of the sensor wires taking care not to “shadow” the sensor for at least 10 seconds. Only in the case of auto-regulating sensors (as per RUEL07 model) and for 13-button remote controls you can press ADJ instead of RESET.

What is the minimum flow rate and the recommended pressure for proper operation of a thermostatic mixing valve? What is instead the maximum working pressure?

Generally it is preferable to have pressures above 0.5 bar and / or a flow rate that overcomes:

4 l / min for ½ “and ¾” mixers
7 l / min for 1″ mixers
The maximum working pressure is 10 bar. Over 5 bar pressure we recommend to use a reducer.

What is the 4 way thermostatic mixer for heating?

It is a thermostatic mixer especially designed for point adjustment of the radiant panels. The mixer is able to handle large capacities and power (17 kW) and allows the management of the water returning to the boiler through a specially dedicated connection (see the drawings and application schema on the technical sheet). The mixer has a optimal constructive shape suitable to be installed in temperature control units or boilers.


Can VS003, VS004, VS005, VS006 bathtubs be supplied with the door on the opposite side compared to what described in the catalogue?

VS003, VS004, VS005, VS006 bathtubs can be supplied only as described in the catalogue, with the door on the right side considering the seat (looking from the inside of the bathtub) and the taps on the left side; they cannot be supplied without taps. VS005 bathtub, having a front door considering the seat results symmetrical; the taps can be installed both on the right or left side and it must be chosen when ordering. You can have this model also without taps. VS006 model can be supplied only with the door on the right considering the seat (looking from the inside of the bathtub) and without taps.

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