Folding bar for disabled: how to choose the perfect one.

Grab bar, folding bar for disabled, safety grab bar, support hand bar

These are just some of the names that specify a particular aid connected to the world of disabilities, which has the main function to help and facilitate the movement in the bathroom.

In fact, these aids for disabled help people to perform certain movements in the bathroom in total autonomy.
In this article we try to clarify a subject that in some cases is a little bit confused, the ideas regarding the world of aids for people with disabilities are not always clear.

So, what kind of aid for disabled people is it important to choose in the bathroom?
The types available are different and each one has a particular function, or a specific way of use. particular, the folding bar for disabled is really different from any other simple model not foldable.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of those who need information about the difference between the two types of support bars for disabled, decided to explain the differences between them.

The folding bar for disabled is made of tubular strong structure of 60 and 83 cm that can be installed near the wc.
The main feature of the folding bar for disabled is the possibility to turn on a pivot on the plate wall mounted. When you don’t use it can be blocked in vertical position, in order to save space in the bathroom.

The simple bar is identical in size and shape, but it cannot be locked in vertical position, it is fix. It can also be mounted on a column that is fixed to the floor in cases in which the wall is too far from the wc or the wall is a plasterboard.

The use of the folding bar is suggested in all those bathrooms in which it is necessary to have a safety handhold near the wc, to avoid the risk of slip.


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