How to save money on your water bill? Choose self closing taps.

If your goal is water saving (and consequently economic), the self closing tap is a really valid help.

Yes, you read that right: self closing taps are a must-have in case you are interested to save money on your water bill.
But not only this.
Self closing taps are eco friendly because they allow to reduce water consumption.
In many structures such as public spaces, there is a very high number of people using the bathrooms every day, and many of them, forget to close the tap.
But not only that: try to imagine how many times the bathroom taps is open during a day, or also the toilet flush. Think about the quantity of water that can be wasted in this way and what can be the damage not only for your pockets, but o for the environment if you do not take conscious measures to save water.
The supplies of drinking water, in fact, are not unlimited and for this reason it is good to reduce the waste and limit present and future consumption.
To adopt conscious strategies to reduce water consumption it important also for the planet.
And if your problem is the dripping tap, in this case you have to replace it immediately: it is estimated that in this way approximately 5000 liters of water per year are lost.
But, let’s go to the core.

Here we are, with the crucial question: why do self closing taps will help me to save money on my water bill?
The answer lies in their functioning, that we are going to explain you in the following lines.
Inside the body of a self closing tap there is a spring mechanism connected to a button.
If you push the button with the hand or with the foot ( it depends on the model installed ), you act on the internal mechanism that will activate the water for a certain period of time. (The flow stops immediately after the set time of the time.
The time of the erogation of the water is estimated at the origin thanks to the cartridges made of brass and plastic, that guarantee the correct functioning of erogation time.
Self closing taps are, for this reason, a great resource for your pockets and for the environment and they can be installed in the shower, in the bathroom on the washbasin, on the wc, and in all those spaces in which it is necessary to limit the waste of water.


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