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Thermomat: Under the shower with safety!

Thermomat has patented its NO SCALD device that takes care of security and comfort for your whole family. With one single act, Thermomat NO SCALD is quick and easy to install, without using any tools and without the intervention of any specialist operator. Thermomat anti-scald device can be mounted on the flexible shower rail or at the mixer group output and blocks the water supply instantly if for any reason the temperature exceeds 45 ° C.

Thanks to its flexibility and its very small size Thermomat NO SCALD device can be mounted either horizontally or vertically while still providing its performance and its effectiveness.
Thermomat has thought for your safety and your loved ones:in the presence of young children or elderly or sick people Thermomat NO SCALD device has the function to stop the water flow if it becomes too hot and can cause burns or scalding as in the case of sensitive or weakened skin.
Once off the water flow, it will be enough to close the tap and wait a few seconds to return to normal operation.
Thermomat NO SCALD is the perfect economical solution to ensure safety and comfort in the shower.

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