Thermomat new external shower thermostatic mixing valve “cold body,” joins its already renowned features of absolute comfort, with guaranteed water supply to the temperature selected by the user, total safety, thanks to the immediate blocking of the water in case of cold water fails to be supplied by the network, an attractive design that has made it extremely popular, another tremendous advantage to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones or your guests.
The innovative “COLD BODY” of Thermomat external shower Thermostatic Mixing Valve was in fact designed to avoid scalding, but also simply to limit the possible unpleasant contact with hot surfaces for sensitive skin and delicate as those of children or the elderly.
In fact, without requiring any variation of the standard household connections, the thermostatic regulator has been positioned in the left part of the body, so as to limit the path of the hot water network of a few centimeters, while cold water flows into the rear part of the body and the mixed water in the front and central. The body of the Thermomat external shower thermostatic mixing valve remains at a temperature equal to or less than that of the mixed water.
Thanks to the distance between the inlets and standard wall connections the thermostatic shower mixer COLD BODY by Thermomat can be easily and quickly installed in both new and existing plants.

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