For all the installation needs in communities, in public restrooms or places of high traffic, requiring great strength, practicality, functionality and ease of cleaning, Thermomat offers a complete range of sanitaryware in stainless steel, with diversified and flexible shapes and solutions.
The range of sanitaryware in stainless steel by Thermomat meets the most specific needs of the bathroom, but not only: in any professional or public environment (hospitals, nursing homes or manufacturing or food processing companies, tourism facilities such as colonies for holidays, camping and so on), where maximum strength is required, even against possible vandalism, but above all the maximum of practicality, in those areas considered at risk (jails, protected houses etc.) or high traffic places (railway stations, airports, subway stations just to name a few). Everywhere, basically, we need to combine practicality, durability and ease of cleaning you will find a Thermomat stainless steel sanitaryware.
Stainless steel is a material resistant to wear, rust and corrosion, allows to maintain a product substantially new even with the passing of time, it is easy to clean and mantains its shiny appearance and pleasant in time. In addition, stainless steel is considered a very modern material and it is very often used in contemporary design applications.
Rounded or square-shaped sinks, shrouded toilets, floor standing or suspended, complete with bidets and seats, shower trays of different sizes, squat built-in toilets, urinals, a wide choice for every type of professional or public bath.
manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, satined look, available in several shapes and sizes, our Technical Office is completely available to advise and provide information and details on the particular specifications of construction and installation solutions that best fit the needs of the bathroom that you are designing

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