The advantages of thermostatic mixing valve

The thermostatic mixing valve is an application to control the water temperature relatively rnew (the first devices were sold in the late 60’s) but essential to provide safety and comfort in the bathroom, in both domestic and public installations. Through an automatic regulation of water temperature, thanks to an extremely sensitive sensor wax, allows the user to set the desired value with the confidence that the delivered water temperature will remain constant regardless of pressure variations.
This device thus ensures maximum comfort, a significant economy in terms of saving water and energy and saves the user from the possibility of burns or freezing unpleasant showers. Extremely useful option, this, in the presence of children, the elderly or people who are not completely autonomous. You will have to act on the safety button if you wish to get a water temperature above 38 ° C, and, other very important thing, the flow will cease immediately in the event of failure of hot or cold water.
The various possibilities of application of a thermostatic mixer makes it a flexible and reliable device but at the same time very strong. The thermostatic mixing valve can be used in domestic systems for controlling the temperature delivered to the washbasins, showers, bidets, but also for floor heating systems, solar plants and installations for the management of various public showers at a time, with fixed setting to optimize the supply of water at a pre-set temperature, multifunctional shower cabins and so on. The applications are numerous and so diverse that it is impossible to list them all.
The choice of the mixing valve must be made on the advice of your trusted plumber: his expertise will guide him to recommend a high quality product, whose components are supported by years of experience in the field and in the market. Preferring a thermostatic mixer with all these safety features will protect the user from any risk and provide years of comfort and security in their own room in the house where there is more demand for well-being and relaxation.
The choice of products Thermomat, therefore, is a guarantee of great experience and commitment to providing safety, comfort and reliability!

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