Thermomat electronic taps: all the benefits of the maximum hygiene,
safety and water conservation

With its comprehensive range of electronic taps, showers and flushing valves Thermomat offers the ideal solution for the problems of hygiene, safety and water economy in all public places, communities or high traffic locations.
Thanks to their supply system controlled by an electronic sensor, Thermomat taps provide, on average, a water savings of more than 70% compared to a normal tap and of 30% compared to a time tap, allowing a considerable saving as regards the costs of water and avoiding water waste.
Thermomat electronic taps are also an effective device to significantly reduce the germs spread and increase the cleanliness of the environment: in fact, avoiding direct contact by the user onto the tap, they allow you to wash your hands safely without the obligation to touch any knob for turning on/off the water flow. The infrared technology combined with thermostatic technology also allows maximum security because it prevents any risk of flooding or scalding. All Thermomat faucets are equipped with a vandal-proof safety device which stops the water supply after a specified period of time. In addition thanks to the thermostatic system, the temperature of the water supplied will be set by the user to ensure comfort and stability .
Another advantage of Thermomat electronic faucets is to be ideal for environments where there are children, elderly, disabled, because they are easy to use, and make hand washing or showering a pleasant and relaxing moment, without any stress or frustration.
Particular attention is given to the design of Thermomat range: electronic faucets have an attractive, modern look, suitable for any of environment from the most traditional one to the most contemporary. Farewell, then, to the concept of ugly and heavy electronic tap, and poorly maintained public bathrooms, the new way of understanding the electronic tap by Thermomat links to a neat, stylish and current image, to complete your bathroom in a functional, safe and elegant way.

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