Thermomat “L” shaped mixers

Thermomat offers a new range of thermostatic mixing valves for heating and against condensation, which are ideal for many applications to improve plant efficiency and increase user comfort.
Of particular importance is the fact that the shape of the mixer provides so-called L-connections between inputs and outputs particularly advantageous in those applications where the plant flow and return pipes are parallel.

The body of the mixer is made of brass, therefore a high quality construction, while the internal components are made of brass from forgery, the springs are made of stainless steel, knobs and caps in nylon.

For heating applications: These are mixers for the regulation of the supplied water of the plants both for radiant panels and radiators. The thermostatic technology used allows easy operation and high reliability of the product. For the radiant setting the range is from 20 ° C to 43 ° C – while the traditional values ranges from 35 ° C to 60 ° C

The anti-condensation function devices are thermostatic mixing valves at a specific pre-set temperature to control return water inlet in the heating systems (condensing boilers, solid fuel boilers, etc.) that prevent the formation of condensation inside generators, while maintaining durability and improving efficiency.
Here too, the setting values vary depending on the application: for solid fuel boilers 60 +5 ° C while condensing boilers 50 +5 ° C.
All versions are characterized by a high capacity and high precision adjustment. Each piece is checked and calibrated at the factory.

Each version is also available with 1 “G male or with a flange for coupling pump 1 ½”, the latter version is ideal for mounting in the temperature control units.

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