Small Mix

Thermomat SMALL MIX is an external thermostatic mixer for the shower environment: the ideal solution for those who have little space available but does not want to give up the convenience and the comfort of the thermostatic mixing valve. Its small and compact dimensions make it perfect for a shower of small size (70×70 cm.) such as mobile homes, caravans or boats, where every inch is precious. The minimalist design, elegant and refined, makes this mixer suitable, however, to any type of bathroom. Its applications several: the SMALL mix is not only installed in shower cabins, but also next to the toilet or the bidet, on washbasins or on sinks or in any application where it is necessary to combine safety, comfort and a little space occupation
Due to its construction in forged brass, polished and chromium plated an unusual method to manufacture a faucet, the SMALL MIX provides great safety and quality construction. It can be wall mounted or by grains to a shower cabin, which allows disassembly for example on caravans during the winter storage, or directly to the wall by tails, or to a plate built-in in the wall. Given its versatility, the SMALL MIX can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, allowing the maximum comfort, a significant saving of water and avoiding dangerous accidental burns.
The thermostatic cartridge, the functioning heart of the SMALL MIX has an ACS approval, a further guarantee of quality and safety standards.
Available this year even in the classical external version, with fittings for wall attachment.

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