The full range of walk-in bathtubs by Thermomat was created to give everyone their independence in the bathroom: no more danger of slipping or falling in the bathtub, everything becomes easier and more comfortable thanks to Thermomat walk-in bathtubs!
Made in acrylic, with galvanized steel frame and adjustable feet that allow you to level the bathtub and provide the necessary circulation of air underneath thereby ensuring to last long, the structure of the bathtub is made from one single piece to avoid any possible leakage. A wide door (side or front, depending on models) with an opening towards the inside of the bathtub, it assures a perfect closure by a safe, robust and practical mechanism: the rounded handle is made of stainless steel, fixed to the shell with a reinforcement. Acting on a wedge fixed to the door it compresses the gasket on the body making a perfect seal. The bathtub is equipped with removable panels.
The position of the faucets was designed for maximum accessibility and comfort in all conditions, it is easily accessible by the user while sitting or from the outside for cleaning.
The trapezoidal shape of the door allows a very easy entrance and a better comfort when closing / opening from the inside and it interferes only minimally with the legs and feet even if the user sits.
The internal shape, the large seat and the position of the taps allow you to make the most of the space ensuring the user comfort without excessive water consumption. The height of the step for the entrance is about 200 mm. from the bottom edge of the panels. All the accessories are mounted on plates or reinforcements to avoid possible damage due to wear of the tank.
Complete technical specifications available on our website.

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