It is an extractable device that contains the entire working part of the thermostatic valve. A safety system allows to go beyond 38°C only acting on a special button. THERMOMATY cartridge is blocked inside the mixer body by an inox pin (pat.) or by a radial screw that permits its correct setting. It is tested and set in the factory. You can disassemble and re-assemble the cartridge without removing the knob; therefore, in case of filter cleaning, you can disassemble the cartridge and you do not need to reset it. The cartridge can be used on external mixers: showers, bathtubs, washbasins, and bidets. It can obviously be mounted on all the built-in mixers.
The thermostatic cartridges with TEFLON coating are suitable for all the applications where the component is working with particularly calcareous water. The coating avoids limestone to adhere to cartridge walls allowing it to last in time.

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