Mirrors for disabled bathrooms: what the Italian law says?

Eliminate architectural barriers thanks to a careful design of every single element of the bathroom, is an essential point if you want to organize a space suitable “for all”: let’s start with the mirrors in the disabled bathrooms.

In fact, we often find ourselves in a condition in which the access to bathrooms in which the elements like mirrors for disabled, are really difficult to be used.
For this reason, the Italian legislation has intervened and legislated also on the topic of bathroom mirrors for disabled.
Before the legislation, we encountered situations in which being able to look in a mirror was really a big problem, not only at home but also in public bathrooms like in bars, restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels and so on.

Mirrors for disabled bathrooms: the italian law and rules to follow in order to be comply with the law.
The professional design of a bathroom for people with disabilities has as its foundation the knowledge of the fundamental notions such as the maneuvering space, the dimension and the volumes, the relationship between accessories and persons, distances and heights.
Think about a person on a wheelchair, entering in a bathroom, maybe she wants to look in the mirror to arrange her hair or use her lipstick. But, unfortunately, the mirror is over there, on the top, unreachable.
And finally she will be obliged to use a handbag mirror.
And here, there is the first discrimination, a mistake of evaluation of the use. The solution that the Italian law has adopted to prevent these situations has been to propose a series of rules in order to go beyond impediments and limitations.
The bathroom mirrors for disabled have to be installed over the washbasin ( and not on its side ), and in a space between 90 and 170 cm of height.
The reclining bathroom mirrors for disabled are very important: these models with a simple mechanisme allow people to adjust easily with a hand the mirror following their needs.


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