Thermostatic valve – It allows the distribution of hot domestic water at constant temperature. It provides great comfort, a relevant saving of water and energy and IT PREVENTS THE DANGER OF ACCIDENTAL SCALDING. In case the cold

Technical features
•maximum working pressure 10 bar
•n.b.: for pressures over 5 bar we recommend to use a reducer
•minimum pressure 0,2 bar
recommended pressure 1 ÷ 5 bar
•hot water maximum temperature 85° c
• temperature range 20° ÷ 65° c
•temperature scaled knob 20° ÷ 50° c
•regulation tolerance ± 2° c
•temperature difference between hot and mixed water 10° c
•to grant the block in case the cold water fails flow rate coefficient kv 1.7

• body: uni en 12165 cw617n stamped brass – sandblasted
• shutter and internal organs: uni en 12165 cw617n brass
• hostaform/abs handle
• ot58 cartridge, stainless steel filters
• thermo-sensitive wax element

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