10002 – Complete Kit for bathroom – wall drain wc version

Art. 10002 – Bathroom kit for disabled people

Complete kit for installation of the bathroom for disabled people containing sanitary ware for bathrooms built in accordance with the Italian Ministerial Decree N ° 236/89.
The bathroom kit consists of: grab bars for the disabled 45 and 60 cm long., 1 wall-mounted folding bar, 1 reclining mirror, 1 washbasin for the disabled complete with brackets, toilet for the disabled with wall drain and seat, washbasin mixer.

The kit is easy to install and allows you to create disabled bathrooms accessible for all people, guaranteeing safety and comfort. Each product is tested and certified: the quality of Thermomat products, leader in the supply of accessories and aids for disabled people since 1968, aims to create safe environments in which the person can maintain their autonomy and privacy.

it included:

ART. 400-EA – ergonomic washbasin BASIC series

ART. 401-E – bracket for art 400-EA

ART. 420-ESP –  ergonomic WC BASIC wall drain series (art. 420-EP) with cover included (art. 430-E);

ART. M45-I-B – linear handbar cm 45

ART. M60-I-B – linear handbar cm 65

ART. 830-I-B – folding support bar

ART. RUMC101L – washbasin mixer with clinical lever

ART. 350N-E – safety tilting mirror cm 60,6×65,6 complete with bracket for wall installation



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