10002 – Complete Kit for bathroom – wall drain wc version

Art. 10002 

Complete Kit for bathroom installation according to DM n° 236/89
It includes: handrails (45 Cm. and 60 Cm.), folding supporting bar, tilting mirror, washbasin with brackets,wall drain WC and seat, washbasin mixer.

it included:

ART. 400-EA – ergonomic washbasin BASIC series

ART. 401-E – bracket for art 400-EA

ART. 420-ESP –  ergonomic WC BASIC wall drain series (art. 420-EP) with cover included (art. 430-E);

ART. M45-I-B – linear handbar cm 45

ART. M60-I-B – linear handbar cm 65

ART. 830-I-B – folding support bar

ART. RUMC101L – washbasin mixer with clinical lever

ART. 350N-E – safety tilting mirror cm 60,6×65,6 complete with bracket for wall installation



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