ELSHTSMDXN – Safety shower column with thermostatic mixer, diverter and shower head, hand shower and right shelf *- Mat black


Safety shower column mat black finish with: thermostatic mixer “cold body”, complete with pull diverter in chrome-plated brass, shower head in brass mat black (adjustable) hand shower in ABS mat black ( 3 jects ), flexible mat black and aluminium painted shelf right position. The product is made of a column diameter 32 mm made of painted stainless steel AISI 304, able to resists to a traction resistance of 200 kg. Inside the column there is a system of tubes and connections in order to conduct the water to the head shower. The thermostatic mixer is produced by Thermomat and it is a “cold body “ type, it assures an high level of comfort, and limits the surface temperature of the tap in order to avoid burns.

Capacity 200 kg

*inside the package each shelf is equipped with an additional cap, chrome-plated

Weight 7 kg
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