Electronic taps

Electronic taps
THERMOMAT SYNCRO system does not only mean electronic taps but is the result of the combination
of the most updated technology, an innovative design and high quality materials. SYNCRO is the ultimate solution for public restrooms, swimming pools, industrial kitchens and hospitals. A complete range realized not only to achieve energetic saving but also to improve hygiene, resist to wear and tear, for the removal of architectural barriers and to improve the quality and the image of spaces.

Infrared operated
The very easy activation through infrared makes its use more comfortable, regardless of age and physical ability.

Water saving
Differently from manual taps, which are often left open or partially closed, the electronic taps are immediately off after they have been used. As an average, the electronic taps allow a water saving of more than 70% if compared to traditional taps and of more than 35% if compared to time taps.

Programmable time-setting (in the versions where provided). It is very important to note that your are totally free to adjust the setting of the taps or of the valves.
This is achievable thanks to a very simple manual system or thanks to a remote control, that makes the setting operations of the range or of the flow time even easier and quicker.

Anti-vandal design and anti-blocking system
All the products of the SYNCRO line are built out of a single piece of brass and designed not to be damaged by possible vandal attacks. The infrared sensors are studied to avoid blocking in the OPEN position and to have a maximum flow time of 50-60-90 seconds (depending on the model).
so to prevent tampering. The sensors feature a security system that prevents continuous water flows caused by vandal attacks. If the sensor remains covered for more than 50-60-90 seconds (depending on the model) water will stop automatically. To return to normal operation any obstacle must be removed.

Greater hygiene
With electronic taps the user must not touch the faucet to open or close it. Not touching the handle of a traditional tap, potentially infected, prevents the risk of cross contamination and the spreading of germs.

Automatic Hygienic Flush (anti-legionella system)
Some products of the SYNCRO line can be programmed with an optional hygienic flush from 1 to 80 hours which allows the discharge of stagnant water in the pipes. Also the duration of the flush can be chosen. This cycle grants an effective prevention of legionella spreading.

Temporary shutdown function (On / Off button)
Some models are equipped with a temporary shutdown button. This function is ideal to carry out any type of activity in front of the sensor without the system to start working (e.g., the performance of a thorough cleaning).

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