Mix Thermo - A

The mixers of the series MIX THERMO are “L” shape type, and they are very suitable for the use in heating systems in which it is necessary to adjust frequently the temperature of the boiler of return water, realizing in this way the anticondensation
function. Theyr use permits to improve the performance of heat generators increasing the start-up of the system. The shape of the body with connections inlet (HOT-COLD) at 90° is extremely favourable in all those applications in which inlet and return tubes are placed side by side, or in the assembly of the valve in a control board of thermoregulation in which it is necessary to respect a center distance of 125 mm between the tubes. Available in different versions and temperature.

Technical features
– maximum working pressure 10 bar
– n.b.: for pressures over 5 bar we recommend to use a reducer
– recommended pressure 0÷ 5 bar
– hot water maximum temperature 90° c
– flow rate: 2.7 kv
– connections: iso 228 / 1
– version with pump connection:
– 1 ½” m nut is not included in the article – kit 10

• body: stamped brass uni en 12165 cw 617n – sandblasted;
• shutter and internal parts: brass uni en 112165 cw617n;
• handle: nylon
• springs: stainless steel aisi 302
• wax thermo-sensor

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