MIX LEGIOTRONIC - Electronic anti-Legionella mixer

Thermostatic mixers anti-legionella Thermomat are a valid system solution in all those situations in which it is necessary to do a thermal disinfection against legionella
avoinding the proliferation inside the sanitary systems. The mixing valve is complete with an electric servomotor 0 ..10 V with a very high precision, and a speed of 2,5 mm and force of 200 N. There is also a temperature probe for the real time reading of mixing temperature, an electronic panel for adjustment and a programmed clock.

Technical features
– maximum working pressure 10 bar
– n.b. for pressures over 5 bar we recommend to use a reducer
– recommended pressure 1÷5 bar
– hot water maximum temperature 85°c
– standard temperature range 5÷85°c
– maximum environment working temperature 50°c

• body: uni en 12165 cw617n forged brass, sandblasted
• shutters and internal parts: brass uni en 12164 cw617n
• springs: aisi 302 stainless steel
• sealing elements:epdm
• technopolymer electric motor – electric supply 24va
• protection rate ip44
• temperature immersion probe ptc
• programmable digital regulator – electric supply 230 v – transformer
not included

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