MIX SET - thermostatic valves with fixed setting

It regulates to a pre-fixed value the termperature of the water mixing automatically hot and cold water.It is used in all those situations in which it is necessary to avoid
for safety reasons, the possibility to tamper settings by unauthorized persons. Standard calibration is done at 48°C, but the mixer can be calibrated at any other value included the range of 30°÷65°C, in case of a specific request. Setting mechanism is protected by a special tampering cap.

Technical features
– maximum working pressure 10 bar
– n.b.: for pressures over 5 bar we recommend to use a reducer
– recommended pressure 1÷ 5 bar
– hot water maximum temperature 85° c
– standard temperature range 30° ÷ 65° c
– n.b.: different settings on request
– anti-tempering cap

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