Kit Solar - Thermostatic kit for solar-boiler connection

Regulation kits with diverter valve and thermostatic mixer THERMOMAT are suitable for solar thermal systems, and in all those situations in which is necessary to create
a deflection of the liquid on the basis on the instant temperture, in order to guarantee a proper regulation. Ther thermostatic diverter valve does not include electrical/electronic devices, with a great benefit of reliability, easiness of the system and electric energy saving. The SET-POINT value is calibrated a tour factory at 35°C –
40°C – 45°C; it is not possible to chage the settled value. The thermostatic mixer allows the setting of the temperature of distribution of water, in order to avoid
burns and to save water and energy.

Technical features
– maximum working pressure 10 bar
– recommended working pressure range 1 ÷ 5 bar
– n.b.: for pressures over 5 bar we recommend to use a reducer
minimum pressure 0,5 bar
– recommended pressure 1 ÷ 5 bar
– hot water maximum temperature 100° c
– diverter switch temperature 35°c – 40°c – 45°c
– regulation range 20 ÷ 65° c
– mixer precision ± 2° c

• body: stamped brass uni en 12165 cw 617n – sandblasted;
• shutter and internal parts: brass uni en 12165 cw617n;
• springs: stainless steel aisi 302;
• sealing elements: epdm;
• sensor: sensing element dipped in the fluid mixed for high temperatures;
• cap: nylon 6 pa
• all components comply with the directives of the ministry of health decree no 174, 6 april 2004. “regulation on materials and objects that can be used in fixed plants for collection, treatment, supply and distribution of water intended for human consumption.”
• threads uni iso 228-1.

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