Cartridges and thermostatic mixers

Thermostatic mixer for solar panel

These products have been created specifically for the
installation on solar panel systems.

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Thermostatic and anti vandal mixer

Thermostatic and antivandal mixer with anti-vandal system


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Electronic and anti Legionella mixer

A valid solution for thermal disinfection for legionella.

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Thermostatic mixer for heating

Thermostatic mixers to regulate the temperature inside the heating system.

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Anticondensation mixers and mixers for solid fuels

 The anti-condensation and solid fuel mixers are specially designed for all applications where you want to increase energy efficiency and where you want to control the temperature of the water produced by wood or pellet or solid fuel stoves. A large number of versions are available suitable for all applications.

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Thermostatic mixers for public spaces and community

 Thermostatic mixers for public spaces or for community find application in all those cases where you want to increase comfort and want to avoid the risk of scalding when using taps in hospitals, bars, restaurants, gyms or in general in all those places frequented or accessible to many people. Many versions are available for all flow or application needs.

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Thermostatic cartridges


The THERMOMAT cartridge is synonymous of quality and is ideal for applying to shower, bath, sink and bidet.

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Draught regulator

The DRAUGHT REGULATOR for wood and coal boilers.

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Thermostatic flow limiter

It automatically reduces the flow rate when the temperature
is not high enough (less than 40° C).

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Accessories for thermostatic mixer

All accessories for thermostatic mixer.

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