The new elegance series presents a complete range of refined accessories for bathroom, with a design suitable for different needs without ever forgetting the compliance to current rules in field of medical devices.
Elegance is inspired by an older series Thermomat of the ‘90s, which has been now updated and revised, thanks to a series of improvements from the technical point of view, and adding new accessories. The complete range includes: 1 grab bar, 2 toilet roll holders ( a double vertical one and a single standard one) – 1 coat hook – 3 shelves (including an angular model) and a shower seat. A real complete collection, able to offer a complete solution for your bathroom.
Colours are avaialble in mat white and mat black: colours suitable for different type of bathrooms. The collection is perfect for many spaces: hotels, restaurants, SPA and all those locations in which it is necessary to combine aesthetic, functionality and compliance with the rules. The complete collection, allows to furnish also an home bathroom

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