THERMOMAT story begins in 1968 when the present owner patents one of the first thermostatic cartridges in the world.
This innovation meets the favour of the most qualified engineers and of the taps manufaturers.

In 1980 THERMOMAT was officially born
Professional satisfactions have been many, they have also come from the development of new products such as, for example the “draught regulator”, an article for which we are still leader in Europe, the industrial mixers, or highly innovative patented products such as the three way valve (for hot water production boilers) and many others. Thermomat does not stop here and goes on growing and evolving: in 1989 we decide to challenge new markets and start the production of“accessories for the safety in the bathroom”.

In 1993 the re-designing of the thermostatic cartridge is a further proof of the quality of Thermomat work: our cartridge becomes European standard. This means that, at present, the measures of Thermomat cartridges are “models” for all the thermostatic cartridge producers in Europe.

The always increasing success and the importance which Thermomat arrives to cover in the field of accessories for the safety in the bathroom, forces the ownership to create a new specialised society.

Beside the Italian market, where we have settled as undisputed leaders in the field of safety handrails and grabrails, our presence in the foreign market is becoming more and more relevant and lively, thanks also to a real belief in partnership with our customers. The care and the attention we use to produce our bathroom accessories makes us sure of being able to grant for other people safety.

The development of new products, innovation, and a maximum attention for any specific need of each customer have always been and will surely continue being the moving engine of both companies, which are more and more identifying themselves one with the other.



Thermomat firts patent: 1968!

History of Termomat logo changing through the years

The patent of the first thermostatic cartridge in the world was the first milestone on Thermomat road already in 1968.
The birth of Thermomat as a company, however, dates back to 1980, with a highly technical footprint. You can already feel this specialist background by the first logos that characterize the company. Sharp lines, the red and blue combined to indicate the water temperature control, all the technology and the innovation of the thermostatic application enclosed in Thermomat name and logo.

In 1989 the company decided to expand its mission identifying in the market of “bathroom safety” a world of opportunities and challenges – therefore it starts the production of accessories for safety in the bathroom. Since 2002, with the creation of Thermomat Saniline a new logo joins the existing one: and the logo, once again talks about the essence of Thermomat world: softer lines, reassuring colors, a stylized hand that holds on to a solid handbar and that at the same time gives a feeling of safety and stability.

Again in 2002 the traditional logo, accompanying the new Saniline brand, is updated so to make Thermomat name more evident, without losing the fundamental concept behing Thermomat vocational attitude: the blue and the red to symbolize the water temperature control in all its shapes. At the same time, however, it is a company desire to show up company’s name; company brand evolves therefore in a more graphic way.

There comes the time to emphasize the uniqueness of Thermomat mission, that is to say to provide safety and well-being in the bathroom at all possible conjugations. For this reason, in 2007, through a logo that makes live together the most technical part of the company with the one closest to the daily needs of each of us, we learn to identify the group Thermomat with a single brand – the colors (red and blue ) of the origins, with the stylized world of safety, mean that the user can recognize Thermomat as a single entity, able to satisfy fully and comprehensively the needs of comfort in the bathroom.

This fusion of intent has as its ultimate goal in 2009 with a logo simple and effective: now the brand is so recognizable that there is no need to identify what the company produces. The character was preserved, the color blue remains, (becoming the social color of Thermomat) and it remains as well a certain thickness of the character to remind of the technical background of the company but also to indicate strength and stability, reliability and efficiency of the brand.

In 2011 the present brand was born: Thermomat is presented to the public with a new logo, conceptually completely rethought and redesigned graphically. In terms of image, the company has revised its brand on the basis of a more modern, softer, closer to the user view and definitely more friendly. For this Thermomat decided to choose a logo with rounded lines, soft and sweet, with reassuring colors but at the same time characteristic, involving the other person and putting him at ease. The use of the blue color and the presence of a red drop are representative elements of the close relationship of Thermomat with water, the thermostatic temperature control, adjustment, mixing and safety in the bathroom, the total comfort and well-being

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