Tu vai che puoi

This is a project as there should be many in Italy and around the world: Tu vai che puoi (you can, go’, a really suggestive namefrom which comes the acronym T.V.C.P . It proposes a multidisciplinary team that faces the topic of inclusiveness and the enhancement of potential and personal care

The makers are Deborah and Matteo that founded together Tu vai che puoi offering a series of social paths ranging from the inclusive tourism, in which they recommend the inclusive structures to the project Clinico in which works an equipe of 7 experts. 


We decided to tell their story, because we believe that the different points of view and the different approaches are useful to expand our view of the world.



Let’s start with this new look into the world: what was the intuition that allowed you to set up this project?  

We have been working with disabilities in hospitals, but not only, and the thing we felt the most in our experience was the lack of accessibility and inclusion in accommodation facilities and therefore we often found ourselves like displaced users by the famous negative surprise effect, and users no longer wanted to live an experience. At the same time, the desire and the need to collaborate with the technicians of the sector ( architects, surveyors, engineers ) to create inclusion and accessibility in domestic spaces according to the different disabilities, become more and more intense. We strongly believe that the work of the clinician supported by technicians can really make a difference.  

Thanks to  “Tu vai che puoi” how has your approach to the world changed? And the one of people entrusting in TVCP? 

Thanks to our “ALL INCLUSION SCALE 1.0” we have a versatile option that can be used anywhere and that allows us to go beyond the legal parameters to create beauty, functionality, adaptability and inclusion. We are clinicians, therefore we are scientists and we rely on science to move on, so our authentic and valuable approach has created a great trust in people entrusting in us.  

Just think about the fact that we know very well the different needs of those who, for example, move in with a manual or electronic wheelchair and we know the different progression of the disease, so we think our work is really a great support.  

Talking about accommodations and tourism, what are the problems that you frequently identified?  

Frequently, the social barriers connected to communication and to the nonverbal approach are a big obstacle, then there are architectural barriers.  For the problems of communication we strongly believe in education, and for architectural barriers it is necessary to work on all those convictions that believe that it is necessary to invest in big projects in order to be accessible.  

We frequently observe a low level of attention to common facilities ( swimming pool, beech, spa ), we have to remember that a person does not go on holiday to stay in a hotel room, but to enjoy the stay and live different experiences.  

In your opinion, what are the precautions that a good design must evaluate to be inclusive? 

We think that the spaces for maneuver and the slopes are the fulcrum of everything!  

What is your biggest dream? 

We hope that our service can be known as much as possible to help as many people as possible, and begin to make the technician understand that our collaboration can really make the difference. 

Let’s talk about bathrooms. What makes the difference when you want to be accessible? 

The spaces for maneuver, the position and the type of bathroom sanitary wares are important to make oneself accessible, but to make oneself inclusive, functional and beauty are the fulcrum. For this reason, universal design for us is a must.  Stop to create bathrooms like hospitals, and start to use the right accessories in the right place, maybe with a touch of style.  

What are your plan for the future? 

Create a solid network of collaborators who share our mission and vision and propose our service to the big chains, because in 2021, in our beautiful country, is the time to make it known to everyone!  


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